Ask Blimpy Babs Seed
Hey Babs! Is Cypher really your dad?

"Well, more like adopted dad… .///."


My favorite filly and I snuggling as blimps. x3

"Ooooh….Daddy is sooo soft…~"

Whats your favorite thing to eat now that you're a blimp? :3


If you giggle and laugh so much you can't breath does it cause you to inflate more?




Just a little comic I wanted to make for Cypher because he is best cyborg and friend c:

So here is Babs Blimp~

I’ll hug her any day. <3

(thank youuuu! ;u;)

"You bettah’, little man. B3"

Have you ever considered circumnavigating the globe? If you could only take four other ponies and five items with you, who and what would you take?

"Well, dat’s a good question.

Firstly, I’d take my CMC buddies with me, and as for pony numba’ 4, I’d pick Diamond Tiara.

And five items?

  1. A picnic basket, in case we get hungry.
  2. A map.
  3. A compass.
  4. A barrel of cidah’
  5. And a nice magazine for me.


Babs: You’re looking gorgeous Abby~ Oh, you too Sweetie and Scoots.


No no no, *honest* question! Are you aware of the fact? It's empirical data, you know...

W-well.. Oh, gosh, you’re makin’ me blush! .///.

Not to appeal to ego, but are you aware how crazy-awesome/smexy you are?

Dun’ try to buttah’ me up pipsqueak…

…but thank ya anyway~.

Being a wereblimp, it's safe to assume you're outside often. Do you ever sunburn, or do you have the CMC buy a huge tub of sunblock and use paintrollers to apply the stuff? Or do you have some other means of beating the proverbial heat?

I have a huge hangar I park in, as my crusader buddies spray me down with the stuff. It feels nice to have the stuff rubbed all over~!