Ask Blimpy Babs Seed

Ooooh, I love it when I blow Scootsie up~!

Have you ever considered getting a job as an airship?

Already have! Been makin’ big bits ferrying everypony around, and it feels amazing having people rest on my back~

Now that All of the CMC's are so big, any of you got your cutie marks yet?

So far, nawt yet. Ev’ry time I felt my flank itch, I hoped it was that…

Now that you're a were-blimp, Do you plan on "showing" the other CMC's your new gift?

Already have, muffin~

So who else is a wereblimp besides you and Geo?

Somepony named Blitzy. She was kind of a cutie~

Well I have some BIG news. I have been turned into a wereblimp by a friend of mine. I guess this makes me the first wereblimp griffion huh?

Hm, really? Dat’s nice tuh hea’.


I-I’m o-okay…

Heheheh, gotcha…~

Being a big parade balloon like yourself, what's your personal taste in fillings? ;3 (Air, helium, etc..? )

Any kind. ‘Dey all feel ratha’ breezy. Helium espexially, because I can fly with ‘dem winged ponies. 


And there goes my escape plan…

A box? Is dat how you were gonna hide? A friggin’ box? HAH!


Oh god….I’m next aren’t I…..